Welcome to Mighty Oak!

Mighty Oak Elementary & Secondary is led by a team of passionate and dedicated educators who are bringing fresh, new life to education in the Windsor-Essex region.  We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum and Forest Program in our elementary school, incorporating nature and the arts into everything we do.  At Mighty Oak, it's about more than test scores - it's about developing a lifelong love of learning and providing an environment in which students thrive!

Mighty Oak isn't just for little ones.  We offer education from preschool to highschool, and all grades in between.  Where ever your child is on his or her educational journey, we've got a nurturing curriculum and a supportive environment to help them on their way.


Our preschool provides a warm, nurturing, home-like environment for 2-year-old and 3-year-old students.  In our developmentally-appropriate preschool, the focus is on child-led play and fostering imagination, not on forcing early academics.

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Elementary School

Mighty Oak Elementary brings education to life with a holistic, well-rounded curriculum that speaks to the head, the hands, and the heart.  From Kindergarten to Grade 8, our focus is on delivering a developmentally-appropriate education.

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High School

Mighty Oak Secondary offers a top-quality alternative to the stressful environment of public high schools.  Our hands-on, integrative style of teaching brings education to life and inspires a lifelong love of learning in the hearts of students.

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